the questions below are designed to help us both:
to help me better understand the vision you have for your brand,
and to help you better understand your goals for branding,
and identifying your ideal customer.

please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions!

branding intake form

You + Your business
This is your 30-second elevator pitch!
This could be anything: simple or complex or even a problem that they don't know exists.
Now is not the time to be humble. If you're the best at what you do, or offer a unique skill or service, I want to know!
And if you are re-branding, please also share what specifically you like + dislike about your current logo.
Ie., organic, modern, elegant, etc.
Your Customer
Age, location, profession(s) hobbies and descriptive words are some ideas of what is important to share!
This could be anything: where they shop for clothing, food, jewelry or even furniture. Only a few examples are needed.
Is there is anything specific you like or dislike about their brands?
Things you feel strongly should or should not be included in your brand (ie, a specific color or element) OR anything you'd LOVE to see included!
If you've already invited me, you can skip this. Remember that ANYTHING is fair game here: outfits, jewelry, home decor, quotes, etc.
Branding Details
Common items are: name, title, website, email + phone number. If you'd like to exclude anything, or include something not listed, please let me know.
If something isn't included in the brand package you'd like to add, please list it here to receive an estimate. This can include: client welcome guides, email opt-ins, blog post graphics, social media graphics or brand collateral (stickers, notecards, etc).
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