Jula Paper Co | Refined Design & Modern Paper Goods

hi, friends!

I’m Jill, the designer and owner behind Jula Paper Co.

Like you, I wear many hats, and being a wife and mom are at the very top of that list. I’m so thankful that this “job” allows me to so something I love, while still having the flexibility to be there for my people when I need to be.

I'm a self-taught designer, who has always had a passion for paper.
I was the girl always doodling in her notebooks was fascinated with stationery stores, notepads and my mini-filofax. Now, twenty-some-odd years later, I feel pretty darn lucky to design for some incredible small businesses and families, and get to look at pretty paper every day.


coffee is my love language
fresh flowers + Plants make me happy
i take way too many pictures
i’m an introvert at heart
I was born to be a #boymom

Jula Paper Co | Refined Design & Modern Paper Goods
Jula Paper Co | Refined Design & Modern Paper Goods

i always read the book first
i’m a rule-follower + token virgo
I will always own a paper planner
i’m a home decorating junkie
fall will always be my favorite


the meaning behind jula

Lots, (and lots) of people think Jula is my real name, but I promise you it’s not. My full name is Jillian, and Jula happens to be a made-up name with a pretty special story.

Years ago, this business started under a different name, but after my children were born, I felt I had outgrown it. Looking to name my business after something meaningful, I didn’t have to look much further than my family. With one letter for each of my boys, and a “U” for US - meaning me and my husband - Jula Paper Co was born.

While you likely wont find many photos of them here, know that they’re the motivation behind everything I do, and reason I get to follow my dreams.