Introducing: Jula Paper Co

Introducing: Jula Paper Co

Today's the day! Jula Paper Co is officially live, and I couldn't be more excited. Months of work and countless late nights to relaunch and rebrand... and I finally feel like I've found myself in the world of stationery.

Looking Back

For those of you that are new here, Jula Paper was previously Bella Carta. A name I came up with, 9 years ago, a few months after our wedding... it seemed sophisticated and worldly, and exactly what I wanted my brand to stand for. Fast forward through kids and work and LIFE, Bella Carta was formally live in 2014 and well, I loved it. Then one day last year, I realized it wasn't me anymore. It felt like a business that was built on old dreams and a differently style and  what I needed was a brand that reflected how much I'd grown in the last 9 years. As a designer, and as a person.

The Brand

The hardest part of rebranding wasn't choosing a name, it was creating the brand. I'm a big believer that a brand is a work in progress, but one of the elements I know won't change is the mood board. A collection of images that represented how I wanted Jula to make people feel, and I think it perfectly defines what this little place stands for. 


Sources: Amber Interiors | Maggie Harkov Photography | Heather Bullard | Sally Pinera | Advice from a 20 Something | Ginny Au


Looking Forward

Jula is named after my family, and represents SO much about who I am, and who I want to serve. Jula Paper is refined and modern, classically comfortable and eternally elegant. It's a brand for couples who know that their marriage is far more important than their wedding day, and for families who purposely save every birthday invitation and Christmas card to pass on to their children. For woman who believe in simple, and good, and that the smallest details are all part of the story. I'm so proud of how this business has evolved to this place, and I'm so happy you're here.

A big thank you my friends  Meg Summerfield + West Sheridan for their help, guidance + endless patience in building this space! And of course all of the photographers + calligraphers who have shared their talent and windom, all of whom can be seen here